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Cross Platform Development over Multiple Devices

In mobile applications are developed, in three kinds. Native Apps, Cross-platform Apps, and Hybrid Apps. The easiest way to build an app is to choose either hybrid or cross platforms. Once you develop the source in one platform, it can be converted into another platform. For example, an entire website can be converted into a mobile application. Cross-platform developments can be developed in a way that it can also be converted into an APK or IPA file, which can be installed in the Android and iOS devices, respectively. In contrast to native development, cross-platform apps are easy to develop.

iOS and Android App Development in Native & Hybrid Apps

iOS and Android apps are developed in three ways they are native, cross-platform, and hybrid. The native method is the way that promises the robustness of the application. The native app development takes more time, and it is a bit difficult to make it, whereas the hybrid apps are pretty easy to develop. The hybrid app is built using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. And this can be converted into an APK file using any of the online converters. Technically these apps take lesser time in the development phase, but it might fail to perform that of the native apps.

Startup Companies

Working with startup companies is like our forte, we have done many projects with startup companies which led us to become the experts we are today, in creating and developing mobile applications, for startup companies who are our satisfied customers and have succeeded and profited in their business. We helped them gain more and more profit with our leading technology used in mobile applications.

Fortune 500 Companies

Every year, the ‘Fortune’ magazine compiles and publishes a list of 500 largest companies in United States corporations based on the total revenue for their respective fiscal years, and those 500 companies are called the ‘Fortune 500’ companies. We have a set of Fortune 500 companies with whom we have worked or working with, and we have a great experience working with them and having them in our portfolio.

Small & Medium Enterprises

The enterprises with not more than 500 employees are called small – medium enterprises, it is just a convenient way to address the segment of offices sized between the small office and home office. We have a pleasant experience working with small – medium enterprises, developing a mobile application for them, which made their work easy or solved their problem.

Types of Testing
Chennai Office

#23, Rosary Church Road, Santhome, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004

Bangalore Office

42, 7th B Cross Rd KHB Block Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

Hyderabad Office

22, Jambagh Rd Wakil Wadi, Koti Hyderabad, Telangana - 500095