In this present era, Smartphones are playing an indispensable part of our day to day life. Most of them are using Social media sites, listening to music, reading articles, checking emails and updating projects and so on. Each and everything is persistently executed respectively from apps which are installed on our mobile gadgets. At present, there are nearly two billion people globally own a Smartphone which is used for several purposes.

1) AMP is altering Web App Landscape

Google has started AMP project three years back and it has been successfully running now. It has already proclaimed that there is an exclusive search index for the mobile web. This immediate step has already changed the entire phone app development trends particularly from both sides of SEO, web perspectives.

2) AR & VR proves its own power

If the folks are familiar with contemporary mobile app development trends, then AR & VR are nothing new. Almost two years back, both AR & VR is playing revolutionary roles in fields of gaming, the entertainment industry. Great examples of AR games are Pokémon Go, Sky Siege, iOnRoad, etc. For VR games it follows such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift.

3) Artificial Intelligence – realistic

Gartner report states that about three hundred percent increase in investment part subjected to artificial intelligence upcoming year when compared to that of 2018. With the usage of advanced analytics, complicated cognitive interfaces including machine learning technology, Artificial Intelligence provides users great access to straight powerful insights.

4) Cloud-driven Mobile Apps are expanding

Starting from customers to techies, everyone is well known regarding cloud technology, how it is influencing our day to day lives. In this era, cloud computing has found its unique place along with a gigantic one. Users can expect tremendous apps which directly retrieve data directly from the cloud, just taking a small space in the internal memory of gadgets.

5) Enterprise and Micro apps- progress further

The major goal of an enterprise freeware is to restructure, manage overall crucial business processes on. Typically, a micro-app aims to meet a list of targeted operations. These both are successfully executing their respective ventures; expected to grow in the future too. A recent report exclaims that about seventy-seven percent of entrepreneurs explore enterprise shareware; sixty-six percent are enhancing further investment too.

6) More target on Security

The Gartner report exclaims that over seventy-five percent of mobile software did not pass initial security tests. Additionally, HP states that nearly seventy percent of them access to great external storage and around ninety-four percent apps include a series of logging methods.

7) Wearable devices are getting first priority

According to IDC reports, the whole market for wearable devices is experiencing an annual growth of nearly twenty-percent, which are about two hundred and fourteen million units shipped recently. Some of the amazing mobile devices are Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, etc.

8) M-Commerce emerging as a new standard

Nowadays, instead of using a Card system, most of the users are preferring purchases only through Google Pay & Apple Pay. This automatically gives a great push for m-commerce. An integrated wearable device (m-commerce payment facility) takes a different move in the upcoming years.

9) IoT is everything

An expeditious adoption of cloud-based software brings greater changes to the latest mobile development trends that have irked developers- IoT. As per the report of IDC, IoT has reached about eight hundred billion dollars, exceeded around twenty-two billion dollars. This one has a direct impact on gigantic apps trends where IoT devices are controlled by a series of Smartphones.

10) Beacons and Location-based services are on its peak

Apple’s iBeacons, Google beacon is well-known location-based service apps. Usage of groupware along with Wi-Fi support is rising beyond traditional needs along with relevant location-based data.

11) Importance of Chatbots

Generally, Chatbots are digital ones that pretend unique way of conversation in order to give helping hands for users to meet requirements. There is a list of Chatbots such as Alexa, Google assistant Siri and other types where one can explore it in websites.

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