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Grocery Shopping is one of the major aspects of running a home. Be it staying along with your family or just living alone, grocery shopping requires a good amount of planning and time. The other main factor is making the ‘ToDo’ list and collecting all the preferred products. There are apps in the market to assist you in grocery shopping and one such app is My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo saves you from all the hassles related to grocery shopping. Based out of Sofia, Bulgaria My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo is a simple and user-friendly app that makes grocery shopping simple and easy. You can shop in a jiffy, save a lot of money and keep a track of your preferred products on the go! Come on, what else do you require?


My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo aims to serve users who want to simplify their grocery shopping. It not only provides a wide range of products to choose from but also saves time on shopping along with offering the maximum deals on products.


My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo is an utility app simplifies grocery shopping up to the next level. Of course creating a seamless UI is a major task and doing it in less time is more difficult. Our client gave us a tight timeframe to deliver the product. We not only completed the project successfully but also launched the product much earlier than the proposed deadline.


My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo was to be launched in much lesser time than normal. The major work was to make sure that the design is simple and interactive. We wanted it to be as user-friendly as possible. We started the project by creating a prototype and later went ahead with actual design process. We followed agile methodology to launch this product in time.


My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo makes your grocery shopping process smart enough. Rather than making lists on different papers and then sharing them with family members over chat or through some other mode, this app brings everything together. You create a list share it with your folks and finally go about it. In just few clicks, you will be all done.

Here are some key features:
  • Get smart suggestions when adding items
  • Manage lists and products easily
  • Adjust list sizes for easy use on the go
  • Export your lists via SMS, E-Mail and more
  • Share the lists with friends & family
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of lists
  • Import lists from any text editor

My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo has been an instant hit among the online shoppers. With 1lac plus downloads on Google Playstore, the app is slowly but steadily making a mark in the online shopping world. More than 2k users have shown thumbs up to My Grocery List - Shop & ToDo app.
Reviews can’t get better than this:
“Use it all the time This works for me and I use it to prepare my shopping lists. That green tick that shows when I have finished and all items are accounted for I give to you - consider it my tick of approval,” Google playstore user “Handy Dandy, I like the fact that I can start my list and get it on my watch and stays on while I shop. Better than getting my phone out. Thanks!” Google playstore user
“Love. Would be nice if marked items auto move to bottom of list,” Google playstore user

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