Electricity bills can add up quickly and managing them is also a huge task for businesses. Want to keep a track of how much electricity is being consumed? There are some apps available in the market that manage electricity bills for you and one such leading app is Zentility. Based on new technology, Zentility helps businesses automate and manage their electricity bill in a more simple way than ever. Besides managing your electricity bills, Zentility uses cutting edge algorithms to search through various savings opportunities on the client’s behalf. The client gets maximum savings deals without even lifting a finger as all the work gets done automatically. Zentility offers features like Efficiency Meter, Bill Scan, Saving calculator, Generate Report, Property Manager.


As the businesses are evolving; they are further opening new avenues for the app to manage them. These apps provide all the support that’s required to make the system smoothly and efficiently. Zentility is one such app in the market that seamlessly manages your energy consumption, bills, generates reports and even sends alert for savings deals after searching through various deals. Implementing all these features and to make them run smoothly was a big task altogether. We faced the main challenge in making the calculations and automating them. We used a sensitive algorithm to constantly monitor the calculations and automate them.


Our client for Zentility had a specific requirement of first launching the IOS app. We started with a design for the IOS version, which came out well. Once we received a go ahead on the design we followed the agile methodology to make sure that the app comes out perfect and is launched in time.


Zentility automates a sophisticated service like the energy that required you to make numerous calls or consult an energy consultant. This app not only saves you time and money but it also reduces your cost of electricity management. You no longer have to pay a huge sum to your energy consultant who gives you only a fraction of their time. Zentility works round the clock and that too at a fraction of the cost of a traditional energy broker to offer you the most exciting money saving deals on electricity.

Here are some key features:
  • Efficiency Meter: This feature tells you how efficiently you are consuming energy and where you need to cut down.
  • Bill Scan: Bill scan will help you with checking out the discrepancies in the bill.
  • Saving calculator: Saving calculator works round the clock to offer you the best money saving deals.
  • Generate Report: It helps you sum up all the figures at one place and generate the report.

Zentility has won hearts from the very launch on IOS platform. With 1lac plus downloads, the app has got high ratings from more than 2k users. The app has also been launched for Android users and not to mention but it is already gaining market and giving a tough competition to other market players. With high ratings on Google play store, a user has mentioned, “Great design and literally makes energy management a no brainer. The tools are fantastic but the $ savings on my electric bill are unbelievable. Highly recommended for business owners.”

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