#1 Award Winning Mobile App Development in Chennai

#1 Award Winning Mobile App Development in Chennai

Why choose Doxtar for Enterprise App Development?
  1. Experience With Enterprise Level App Development
  2. Being a complex service, you need people with ample experience. Doxtar has been operating in the niche with a lot of success. We have developed competitive solutions for the best in the business.

  3. Our Solutions Are Custom Built To Suit Your Business
  4. Mobile application development is a domain that requires a lot of attention. Every business has unique requirements when it comes to selling. It means that you need to build custom applications from scratch.

  5. We Use Cutting Edge Technology When It Comes To Development
  6. Doxtar has the edge when it comes to technology for mobile app development. We use only the latest tools and strategies. It ensures our deliverables are of the highest quality.

  7. Our Deliveries Are Timely And Well Within Deadlines
  8. An enterprise is a sensitive business, and we understand this. As an agency, we are committed to delivering results on or before time. It gives your brand an advantage when it comes to deployment.

  9. You’ll Have Access To Expert Teams And Their Knowledge
  10. With decades of experience between them, our teams have the know-how and ability. Working with us will help you gain significant knowledge on the process and methods.

Doxtar has the Best Mobile App Developers in Chennai covering a wide range of industrial domains. The mobile applications for enterprise include:
  • Online payment processing
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Analytics apps
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Automated billing systems
  • Human resource management solutions
  • Expense management apps
  • Internal training apps
  • Content management and more.

Enterprise applications allow you to automate your business processes. It increases productivity with less human intervention and cut down the operating costs.


With the high level of competition today, startups need all the help they can get. It is especially true when it comes to mobile app development.
Here are a few advantages you get when opting for Doxtar.

  1. We Position Ourselves As Partners And Not Simply Vendors
  2. When it comes to success, startups don’t need a vendor who only sells services. To make it big, they need a partner. We share goals and resources with your team to ensure mutual success.

  3. Our Packages Are Budget-Friendly Without Compromise In Quality
  4. As a growing business, we understand how important the budget is to you. Our packages come at all ranges without any compromises. We are sure that you will find one that can work for you.

  5. We Have A Roster Of Satisfied Clients
  6. The size of a customer base reflects the level of service a brand offers. With a huge collection of happy customers, we can deliver what you’re looking for.

  7. There Are No Hidden Costs And Ancillary Charges
  8. As a business, we are upfront with all our requirements. It means no hidden costs or charges for you at the end of the month.

  9. You’ll Get Knowledgeable And Friendly Customer Support 24/7
  10. We pride ourselves when it comes to customer support. Doxtar has a responsive customer support network that can help you solve issues.


The application ecosystem has expanded a lot in modern times. It makes developing a difficult task for agencies.
Doxtar is the premier mobile app development agency in Chennai. We have the expertise to help you get the most out of any platform.
That is why we are great for multi-platform development.

  1. We Are Well Versed With Cross-Platform App Development
  2. With years working on different app development platforms, we are your best choice. Regardless of the platform, we can assure you that your app will work better than expected..

  3. Out Of The Box Ideas For The Latest Businesses
  4. If you want to succeed today, outdated methods won’t do. As a solutions provider, we deliver new and innovative methods when it comes to apps.

  5. Consistent Functionality And Appearance Across All Platforms
  6. As a brand, one of the key characteristics is consistency. Especially when it comes to appearance and functionality, we can assure you that your app will be platform-independent.

  7. Uses The Latest Technology As Part Of Their Process
  8. Today’s businesses need the best technology to compete in the market. We can use modern methods and strategies to help the business grow.

  9. Improved Code Reuse And Less Duplication Of Work
  10. As software methodologies improve, code reuse is one of the more important aspects. It saves a lot of time and avoids the rework on the same functionality.

2021 is the age of the connected marketplace.

People buy and sell everything online. The customer has become a smarter, more connected individual.

The push towards a digital marketplace means there is a new niche for client fulfillment. That is why mobile application development is one of the fastest-growing niches in Chennai.

Enterprise-level app development is a difficult domain. It is because of the demands it places on the system. Getting a platform ready for customers takes a lot of time.

Doxtar is a professional agency experienced in mobile app development in Chennai. We have a team of experts who can develop apps for any mobile platform.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider their services.

  • We help you identify your competitors and suggest you the best features.
  • We design UI that gives the best user experience, which makes you stand out from your competitors.
  • We develop native applications for Android, iPhone, and iPads.
  • We will deploy your apps on the cloud-based backend server.
  • We will get your app approved in Apple iOS and Google Play store.
  • Provide a competitive price for our services.
  • We also create the best plan of execution and strategy in releasing the app into the market.

Custom mobile app development is a hard domain to do well in. Today, there are several hundred custom apps in development. For businesses to grow, a custom app has become important. Companies need to focus on quality mobile apps for their brand.

  1. Can Deliver Detailed Assessments And Proven Strategies
  2. You can rely on us to give you detailed and informative assessments about your business. We craft proven strategies that can help your business succeed.

  3. Bring A Wide Range Of Expertise On Different Platforms
  4. We have considerable exposure to various mobile platforms and technologies. It helps us get the right app for you, regardless of the objectives.

  5. Our Custom Solutions Offer Significant Value
  6. One of our prime objectives is to deliver the highest performance at a great price. Our development programs offer a lot of value, especially for startups.

  7. Development From Scratch Or Improve Existing Software
  8. At Doxtar, we are a flexible team. We can work to adapt your current software to today’s standards. Or, we can create a completely unique package from the ground up.

  9. Can Work With The Leading Development Frameworks
  10. The number of development frameworks can be daunting. But you are safe with us. Our team can work with the most powerful and complex platforms today.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Whether you are interested in web design, social media, SEO optimization, copy writing, web hosting or any of our other services, one of our experienced team members can discuss all of the options with you.


Being a mobile app development agency in Chennai, we can deliver turnkey solutions. It means all you need to do is sit back and relax while getting things done for you.


It is one of the most critical parts of mobile apps. The design component has to be of the highest standards to get more people interested.


As a brand owner, you need to make sure that a website runs well and without errors. Our expert developers will take care of coding challenges.


If you want to ensure complete functionality, an app has to be tested. We have extensive testing routines that can highlight any problem.


The final step of any engagement is the deployment phase. That is where most errors are likely to crop up.

Intuitive Designs

When it comes to apps, to improve adoption, it needs to be easy to use. We have a team of experienced designers and artists who can create dynamic looking apps. This, coupled with our quick delivery, means incredible ROI for you.

Rapid Prototyping

The quick development of prototypes is one of our strengths when it comes to app development. These help us measure and improve the quality of the apps without wasting time.

Agile Development Environment

As a company, Doxtar follows this method to develop mobile apps. Our focus is on delivering high-quality results as soon as possible. An agile strategy is not easy to use for a majority of the companies. But we’re able to do so owing to our experience.

Regular Backups

As a mobile app development company, we understand the value of progress. Backups are carried out, so you avoid loss of data. It also helps us rollback in case something goes wrong.

Highlighting Features
Enriched user experience (UX)

For a mobile app, the UX is the crux of its identity. Since the screen size is limited, UX has to be optimized for the best experience. We do this through a comprehensive initial analysis of your target audience. We make sure that our deliverables are engaging to the users and interactive.

Project Planning and Analysis

In-depth planning and analysis are crucial parts of the development process. We are believers in thorough planning. It helps us achieve excellent results. Our analysis process is detailed, which sets the tone for the upcoming activities. There are a lot of tasks to coordinate in a mobile app development cycle.

Secure Data

Protecting client data is our highest priority. We never compromise on your data privacy in our engagements. As a full-service mobile app development company, we do not outsource work. It improves data protection from 3rd party vendors.

Why Choose Doxtar?
Enterprise System Integration

As a mobile app developer, we understand how important effective integration is. Our deliverables are fully capable of connecting with other modules in your framework. We also develop custom code that can do this efficiently. We have delivered several cloud-native solutions for our clients over the years.

Industry Specific Mobile Apps

There are several industries with differing requirements out there. We take great care to ensure that we tailor our solutions to each of our clients. Customizability is an important part of our skillset. And we ensure that our applications are built with the client in mind. We can leverage our experience to find the right solution for your problems.

Face Recognition Applications

Face recognition is one of the highest voted security features of the app industry today. Implementing this to your app becomes easy why you choose Doxtar. As industry experts, we can integrate this into any app of your choice. It provides an extra layer of security for your users.

Usability Testing

Our testing methods are comprehensive. We make sure that we do not leave anything unchecked with your software. That is why we can achieve the highest customer satisfaction index in our niche.

Augmented and virtual reality technology is becoming more common now. But, to use this, you need the right developer. Doxtar has had success bringing these new technologies to their clients. We can integrate it into their business. They have reported increased engagement as well as revenue from their business.
Being cloud-native is a need rather than an option for mobile applications. Our specialty is planning and development of cloud-based solutions. We can maintain the highest standards when it comes to development. Since our apps are well optimized, it can work over the most difficult networks.
Earlier, app development was awkward and unwieldy. It needed huge teams and a lot of resources in-house to execute. Today, the process has been streamlined. It also relies on several ready-to-use components when it comes to software. The focus here is on speed and reusability. All this means lower development costs for your brand.
Not Sure Where To Start?

Whether you are interested in web design, social media, SEO optimization, copy writing, web hosting or any of our other services, one of our experienced team members can discuss all of the options with you.

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